AIR Cylinde (Poppet Type - S-Series)

General Description : Rotary actuator find application for 90 deg. angular movement. (180 deg. on req.) & are most suitable for closing & opening of ball valve, butter fly valve, damper positioning, sorting equipments, indexing mechanisms, furnace doors, dueling flaps etc.

With Flanged End Ball Valve
M.O.C.-S.S.316 (ASTM-A-351 CF8M), S.S.304 (ASTM-A-351 Gr.CF8), C.S. (ASTM-A-216 GR. WCB) Manufacturing Range 1/2" (15mm) to 4" (100mm) (Upto 8" on Request)

With Screwed End Ball Valve M.O.C-S.S. 316 (ASTM-A-351 CF8M), S.S.304 (ASTM-A-351 Gr. Cf8),
C.S. ( ASTM-A-216 Gr. WCB)
Manufacturing Range :
1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm)

With Socket Weld Ball Valve
M.O.C.-S.S.316 (ASTM-A-351CF8M), S.S.304 (ASTM-A-351 Gr.CF8),
C.S. (ASTM-A-216 Gr. WEB)
Manufacturing Range :
1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm)

With 3 way Ballvalves
M.O.C.-S.S.316, S.S. 304, C.S.
Manufacturing Range :
1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm)

This design uses two opposite moving pistons with the help of rack & pinion mechanism to generate powerful uniform torque. When air is admitted in one port pinion rotates in one direction at the same time air is exhausted through other port & vice versa. This is very compact design to give powerful torque. It works maintenance free for years.
We deal with all types of Pneumatic Accessories like straight, Elbow, T, Flow Control, Union elbow, Equal T, Cross, MultipleT, 'Y', etc. Also coupling, tubinings all PU, Hoses, Hydraulic Hose. For Pneumatic working pressure for tube is 15kg/cm2